How YOU can help STAND:

There are a few ways you can help: 

1. Participate...we need people at every meeting!!                (Check the STAND Calendar for updates)

2. Send letters to Senator Cafaro, Rep. Letson and Gov. Strickland.  (feel free to use form letter below)

STAND Letter to Reps.doc STAND Letter to Reps.doc
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3. Please donate to our legal fund, send checks payable to:  "STAND"    2612 Woodland Street NE,   Warren, OHIO 44483

4. Purchase our "TAKE A STAND" green t-shirts ($6.00)

5. Purchase our yard signs ($5.00):                                            "We Say No To Everflow!  United We STAND"


 ** Please email Meegan Demagall with any questions:


 (T-shirt picture coming soon)


(Yard Sign picture coming soon)


Newest Flyer: 

STAND Flyer 9-3-09.doc STAND Flyer 9-3-09.doc
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Updates from Neighboring Communities

     - We were able to attend a public meeting on Aug. 25 with Senator Grendell and reps. from the ODNR to discuss urban drilling, specifically the drilling that began Aug. 21 in Broadview Heights.  Senator Grendell is proposing a new bill that would change and ultimately improve Ohio's drilling laws 

Be sure to check out our "In the News" page, and you can see Newschannel 5's coverage of this property! (Aug. 2009)



Updates from our own Backyards:

     - Pictures of Gas Wells in Warren, Ohio



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